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Zhejiang Museum

(2003-05-14 14:52:47)

Zhejiang Provincial Museum formerly known as the West Lake Museum, was built in 1929. Situated at the southern foot of the Solitary Hill, it affords a picturesque lake view.

Devoted to the collection, study and display of various objects, Zhejiang Provincial Museum is the most comprehensive on the humanity studies. Of over 100,000 treasured cultural relics, the world-famous ones are pottery and lacquer wares, wooden, bone and ivory objects dating from the Hemudu Culture (5200 BC-4500BC), jade articles and silk fabrics from the Liangzhu Culture, bronze wares from the State of Yue in the Warring States Period (475 BC-221 BC), celadon wares from the Yue Kiln, Longquan Kiln and the Imperial Kiln of the Southern Song Dynasty ( 1127-1279), the Guiji Mirror and the Huzhou Mirror as well as works of the calligraphers and artists of Zhejiang Province in the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

Zhejiang Provincial Museum has showed seven thousand years' history with various and colorful relics. Relics have been displayed all the year long in Historical Relics Hall、Painting & Calligraphy Hall、Celadon Hall 、Handicraft Hall. At present, irregularly holds a variety of special exhibitions from home and abroad in the Exbition Hall of Lasting Objects. Apart from the above exhibitions, the Museum has the Memorial Hall of Huang Binhong in Xixia Ridge and the Memorial Hall of Sha Menghai in Longyou Rd. In addition, Zhejiang West Lake Gallery , set up in 1999, has taken another course for its further development.


In recent years, the Museum has not only held a series of international academic seminars and several exhibitions in Germany, France, japan and Singapore, etc., but also published many books on cultural relics, including the academic journal Dongfang Bowu ( oriental Museology) and 7000 Years of Zhejiang. The Museum now ranks among the noted museums both at home and abroad.

Entrance Fee:Zhejiang Museum-- RMB 10 for adult、RMB 5 for student
              West Lake Gallery--RMB 8 for adult、RMB 4 for students
              Ticket in a set--RMB 15 for adult、RMB 7 for student
Transport:Take bus No.850:Wulin Square---Wulin Gate---Songmuchang---Huanglong Cave---No.15 Middle School--Yuefen---Xileng Bridge---Zhejiang Museum
Add:25 Gushan Road,Hangzhou,China




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